Temporary Supermarkets

The structures of International Integral Services have proven to be fast and flexible solutions able to meet the most demanding needs of retailers.

In emergency situations, International Integral Services is able to deliver an up-and-running on-site solution on very short notice. The modularity of our system, in combination with the available span (up to 50 meters) and height (up to 12 meters) is able to deliver a temporary supermarket that has the same dimensions of similar permanent buildings. This means that potential turnover loss is limited and existing clients will returning clients. So even if your building has collapsed, your business doesn't have to.

Additionally the International Integral Services retail concept proves very helpful in launching your premium retail brand in new regions, especially in developing housing areas. When there is not yet a requirement for permanent accommodation, a successful first step is the launch of your retail formula on a smaller scale. You will already be able to start serving new customers in a professionally designed temporary building.




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